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Those who know me, know that the site will be about horses

⭐️CZEREDA  malopolska (polish angloarab)

ur. 10.05.1999 - 30.10.2017

F: Karton mlp ( Hipokryta mlp - Karuza mlp )

M: Czerencha mlp ( Cekwart mlp - Centa mlp )

Registration no: 2152 GLb

Breeder: S.Wójcik



My greatest love and fulfillment of the greatest dream.
Unfortunately, as a result of an accident, she galloped to the green eternal pastures. I miss her very much.

⭐️CISZA MA  malopolska (polish angloarab)

ur. 21.11.2008

F: Jankes'son xx ( Freedom's Choice xx - Janina xx )

M: Czereda mlp ( Karton mlp - Czeremcha mlp )

Breeder: Monika Aleksandrowicz


Cisza daughter of Czereda and stallion of English blood, Janke's son of the famous Freedom's Choice xx. I hope that next year a foal will be born from her.

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