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III National Show of Hunting Dogs in Lutowiska on 13.08.2022


During the weekend, we went to the 3rd National Hunting Dog Breeds Show in Lutowiska. Girls after such a long break, as usual, did not disappoint me. Nell, who already has the title JChPl, ChPl, Grand ChPl

received in Champion class :

grade: Excellent CWC/CAC
🏆 Best of Breed / BOB

🏆Best Bith

At the finals of 🏵BEST OF GRUP III🏵

Gama JChPl, ChPl, Grand ChPl. ChWet, WCC, KT-I showed great condition in the veteran class as usual

grade: Excellent

🏆Veteran Vinner

🏆Best Veteran in Breed / BOB Veteran

At the finals 🏵BEST IN SHOW VETERAN🏵


Vojislav Brajovic (XM)

Agnieszka Skórzewska (PL)



We are pleased to announce that we had the pleasure to participate in the training within the proprietary program "Breeding dogs - legal aspects" organized by Kynologia i Prawo



Great news came to us from the Genomia-genetic lab, our Nell is free from another genetic disease, CSNB or congenital night blindness which leads to total blindness in beagles



We wish you that Easter will bring joy, peace and mutual kindness.
And for all four-legged "creatures" full of bellies and that they always have human support. 

❀Monika, Artur & "Swing" Team❀



♥︎Welcome to the world of My Star Litter♥︎

On March 10, a new life appeared in our kennel. Our proud mother is our Nell Junior Champion of Poland, Champion of Poland, Grand Champion of Poland. And the father of Nika Lauda from Simpatica PS kennel Polish Junior Champion, Polish Champion.



On Saturday, the National Exhibition Ranking was held, organized by the Polish Kennel Club Lublin branch for the year 2020/2021

I am very proud!!!

🏆Gama won the ranking in the honor category - veteran class🏆



Recently, we have been receiving disturbing information from every side, which worries and saddens everyone, but today we received a nice news .. Our Gama officially became a new one 🏆 Polish Veteran Champion 🏆



We have a confirmed pregnancy, for more information, please visit the Planned litter tab



In the new year we have great news from Laboklin
Another one has joined the genetic research of our Nell. Nell is free from CAT Acatalasemia / Hypocatalasia disease. In addition to the disease mentioned above, Nell is free from:
This gives us confidence that future puppies will be free from these diseases



We want to make wishes, that this holiday will be special for all of us and for our four-legged friends, that the next year will look at us with a kind eye and be better than the passing one
❄︎ Monika, Artur & "Swing" Team ❄︎



Better late than never ..😉 Yesterday we had the pleasure to participate in the Show Ranking for 2019, organized by 𝐙𝐊𝐰𝐏 /𝐋𝐮𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐧, which could not be held on time. That year was very successful for our 𝐍𝐞𝐥𝐥 😊 She stayed Champion of Poland and quickly obtained the title Grand Champion of Poland 🏆 She gave us a reason to be proud many times by winning top positions at national and international shows 😊

National Dog Show for Hunting Dogs (Big CAC) in Spała 16.10.2021


All Saturday spent at Hubertus and the National Hunting Dogs Show (Big CAC) in Spała.
𝐆𝐚𝐦𝐚 reliable as always

🏆 Veteran Winner
🏆Best Veteran in Breed
Judge: M. Olejnik
It was cold but in great company and so we finished the show season, short because only 4 shows, but very successful

LV National Dog Show in Wąwolnica, Lublin 04.10.2021


We spent today at the National Dog Show in Wąwolnica, Lublin branch. My girls didn't let me down.
𝐍𝐞𝐥𝐥 After a two-year break and a maternity break, she returned to the ring with considerable success
grade: excellent CWC / CAC,
🏆Best Bitch
🏆Opposite Sex Winner BOS
… Dynamic, lively… that's Nell

𝐆𝐚𝐦𝐚 also showed herself beautifully, receiving the grade Excellent
🏆Veteran Winner
🏆Best Veteran in Breed at the end of..

Judges: I. Łuczak, K. Wójcik-Wonorska

XLII National Dog Show Bałtów 04.09.2021
National Show of Hunting Dogs Bałtów 05.09.2021


The whole weekend was spent at exhibitions organized by the Radom branch of the Polish Kennel Club. Again 𝐆𝐚𝐦𝐚 she gave us a reason to be proud
XLII National Dog Show Bałtów 04.09.2021

🏆 Veteran Winner

🏆Best Veteran in Breed
🏆 Best of Breed BOB
At the finals 🏵𝐁𝐄𝐒𝐓 𝐎𝐅 𝐆𝐑𝐔𝐏 𝐈𝐈𝐈🏵
Another day and another success, National Show of Hunting Dogs Bałtów 05.09.2021
🏆 Veteran Winner
🏆Best Veteran in Breed
🏆 Opposite Sex Winner BOS
Our Gama becomes the 🏆New Polish Veteran Champion🏆
Judges: J. Zacharewicz and I. Krasowska-Salomon

XIV International Dog Show Białystok 22.08.2021

Our first show in two years after the break bycovid ...
This time the Swingowy Team was represented by our senior Junior.Ch.Pl, Ch.Pl, Gr.Ch.Pl, WCC, KT-I 𝐆𝐚𝐦𝐚 Debut in the Veteran class with considerable success
ex, V1🥇
🏆Veteran Winner
🏆BOB Veteran
".. Strong and Healthy veteran .." and this is what Gama is, I am very happy that he can appear in this form in the ring
Gama started the way to obtain the title of Polish Veteran Champion
Judge: Julija Aidietiene (LT)




We spent the next time and certainly not the last one at the Tracking Workshop in Biała, organized by >> Psia Pasja <<

We spent this time wonderfully and very intensely. We met wonderful people who share a common passion. Nell and Joe worked really hard, sometimes I was surprised by how they can think and work with their noses.



Today, our >> Gama << is celebrating its eighth birthday and is now going into breeding retirement ☺️ Eight years in health and still with insufficient food

She is a mother, grandmother and our greatest canine friend ..

Live us as long as possible ...



Wishing you a very Happy Easter that is filled with plenty of love and happiness !!



We are very happy that our Swing To Harmony FCI Nell & Joe dogs will once again take part in the training of trackers organized by Dog Passion

The mother of Joe and Nell is our Gama Game Over Królewska Zgraja, which obtained the WCC, KT-I degree I diploma during the Utility Dog Competition.

We only hope that the virus will not thwart our plans. Keep fingers crossed

Photo from the previous training, and Gama after the competition Trackers with "scrap"

We try very hard to remember that Beagles are hunting dogs.



I think it's time to sum up what year it was for us ...
Certainly different, because there are no exhibitions, training sessions, meetings .. but very successful in terms of breeding 
Well, we welcomed the litter "𝐐𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐒-𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐠" from our 𝐍𝐄𝐋𝐋 ❤︎ And although only one puppy 𝐒𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐓𝐨 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐲 𝐒𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐛𝐨𝐝𝐲 𝐓𝐨 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 "𝐓𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐚", very successful, healthy and who would have thought that it gave us so much joy, insights and absorbed us so much and in the stable there is a happy ride our long-awaited foal, the next generation "𝐌𝐀" because you can meet not only beagles here
We met wonderful people who liked our "Swing" world and want to participate in it.
What about the new year? 🙂 we want to continue training with our beagles and of course participate in exhibitions.



Despite such a strange time that surrounds us, we would like to express our best wishes for Christmas and a wonderful New Year's Eve, may the next year be better and everything will return to normal

❄︎ Monika, Artur & "Swing" Team ❄︎



Today our Tosia together with her new guardians started a new stage in life. We wish you the best, only new experiences and adventures. We know that she will have a great home and we will also have the opportunity to watch her grow and develop because she has not traveled far ☺️ Will we miss you? .... very much! Who would have thought that such a little rascal would charm us all so much without exception ❤︎



We were so engrossed in taking care of our "Tosia" that only now we created the gallery of the litter "Queen S-song"

We will try to replenish it regularly.




♥︎ Welcome to the world litter Queen S - song ♥ ︎
Yesterday our Nell became a mother for the first time 💕
A beautiful and brave girl was born, an only child . Nature decided that this time there will be only one puppy but it will be special ☺️ Oh, we will pamper her 😜
Introducing our Swing To Harmony Somebody To Love ❤︎

( Swing To Harmony Nell Królewska Zgraja x That's My Cake Królewska Zgraja )



Today's ultrasound confirmed that our little Nell is pregnant !!! We are waiting impatiently for the little puppies that will be born at the end of September.



We are already after a successful date. We are glad that Nell has matched the chosen one. In about two weeks we will check if the meeting was successful ❤︎ If so, at the end of September we will welcome little puppies to the world.

If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel, please visit >> Contact <<


Welcome to the world !!!


I'm a proud breeder !! I officially present my blue star ! 

Grandson of wonderful Dn Deluxe and my unforgettable Czereda

🔹Cadeau Bleu MA🔹 Don Luxury / Don Deluxe - Cisza MA - Jankes'Son xx / Freedoms'Choice xx



May is our favorite month. We try to spend a lot of free time on walks away from the city, close to nature.

Also guests visiting our small kennel wanted to meet us and our "Swing" family.

We receive a lot of questions about our breeding plans - please refer to the > Planned Litter <

We do not hide that the waiting list for the puppy is already quite large 🙂

You can also like us and follow us on >Facebook<



In this difficult time we wish you a peaceful and happy Easter.

✿ Monika, Artur & "Swing" Team ✿



Today I received information about recent qualification exams for performing auxiliary activities in the field of veterinary services as well as veterinary inspection and supervision - I passed with the title of Veterinary Technician !!

Unfortunately, the situation related to coronavirus caused cancellation of all cynological events, and we are also waiting for the development of the situation. Meanwhile, we try to spend time walking in the woods or in the fields.



Today we did the examination of our mare, my mother feels good and the pregnancy is going well




Today came great news , Nell officially the new Polish Grand Champion ‼️

To those we love and see each day and other loved ones far away To all good friends who mean so much,
and those with whom were are of touch…Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy New Year.

♥︎♥︎Monika, Artur & "Swing" Team ♥︎♥︎


III International Dog Show CACIB Lublin 14-15.12.2019

We are closing the show season with a great result ☺️
⭐️ Nell Swing To Harmony Beagles ⭐️  excellent V1,  CWC / CAC 🥇 and thus my little Nell became the new !! GRAND POLISH CHAMPION‼ ️ 🏆
judge: J. Kruss (EE)
It was a nice time with friends.

XVI International Dog Show CACIB23-24.11.2019 Kielce


At a strong rate, our little ⭐️ Nell in champion class ex. V3 🥉🙂

judge: Sergiej Vanzha (SK)


I am very proud of her, the indoor season has begun and Nell prefers outdoor exhibitions.



We have Polish golden autumn so we try to use it as much as we can and we know that beautiful autumn is only in the forest 

Hunting Dogs National Show CAC  Spała 26.10.2019

It was a very good day 🙂

⭐️Swing To Harmony Nell in champion class: ex. V1 CAC  🏆
judge: I.Krasowska-Salomon (PL)



"Gili" Swing To Harmony Gili's daughter Gama and full sister Nell and Joe were with us for a few days. She is a very pretty bitch which we are very proud of.



I am still trying to learn in the field of zootechnics and veterinary medicine and today I received a certificate of confirmation of qualifications in the profession in animal breeding and insemination.



Our breeding plans for horses are taking shape more and more, we have confirmed pregnancy in >>Cisza Ma (Czereda x Jankes'son xx)<< of my breeding. We chose as a father a beautiful Oldenry stallion >>Don Luxury<< from the Netherlands.

We expect a happy solution at the beginning of July 2020.

NDS(CAC) Wawrzkowizna ( o/Łódź ) 22.09.2019


⭐️ J.ChPl, ChPl, Grn.ChPl Gama ⭐️
working class: ex V1, CAC, Best Working Dog 🙂
⭐️ J.ChPl, ChPl Nell⭐️
champion class: ex V1, CAC, Best Bitch, BOS 🙂
judge: Anatoli Zhuk (BY)


I International Dog Show Rybnik 01.09.2019

A hot day spent in good company ,my little one Nell in champion class: 
judge: A. Brabletz

29.07 - 02.08.2019 Sulejów


Five days of workshops for hunting dogs organized by www.psiapasja.pl Psia Pasja flew very quickly 🙂 It was very busy, a lot of learning and above all great atmosphere and great people. Nell and Joe worked better each day, there are still many things to work out, but we can do it 🙂

We are pleased to inform you that our girls Gama and Nell found themselves in the largest Russian pedigree base www.beaglebase.ru

International Dog Show  CACIB Cracow 29-30.06.2019


After a long break, Nell made her debut today in the champion class with a great result .
ex.V1/2 CWC, res. CACIB 😀
judge: M.Musiał

Nell CACIB Kroaków


I feel proud because from today my little Nell is officially Polish Champion  ‼️


National Dog Show Radom 09.03.2019

⭐️Nell performed sensationally 🙂 in the open class of the V1/ 2, CAC, BEST BITCH and BOS 🏆

judge: I. Łuczak (PL)

Another exhibition of the same day and another success 🙂

National Dog Show in Radom 09.03.2019

⭐️Nell in the open class V1/ 2 CAC, BEST BITCH and once again the BOS Winner  🏆

And so my little girl is a new POLISH CHAMPION!  ‼️

⭐️Gama on the same exhibition V1, CAC and BEST WORKING DOG 🏆
judge: L. Francova (CZ)

Ranking 2018 by our Polish Kennel Club branch 23.02.2019

Ranking organized by our Lublin branch 🙂 Despite the fact that in 2018 we did not show up on exhibitions as in previous years but I am very proud of the results of my girls 🙂
⭐️Nell finished her Junior Champion and started adult and she is not yet two years old and Gama became Grand Champion of Poland⭐️
What will 2019 bring? .... let's see :)

Ranking wystawowy Lublin 2018


New Year and new fun on the snow ❄️

To those we love and see each day and other loved ones far away To all good friends who mean so much,
and those with whom were are of touch…Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy New Year. ⭐️

II International Dog Show  CACIB Lublin 15-16.12.2018 

I'm so very happy and proud about my beagles 😀
⭐️Nell -  intermediate class: ex.  V1 / 4  CAC 🏆🥇

⭐️ Gama  - working class: ex. V1, CAC BOB Working Dog  🥇 and BEST IN SHOW working dog I 🏆⭐️


Judge : U. Ozkanal (TR)

XV International Dog Show  CACIB Kielce 10.11.2018

⭐️Gama - working class: ex. V1  CAC BOB Working Dog 😊 
⭐️Nell - intermediate class : ex. V 4/5
Judge : Yochai Barak (IL)


I’m very happy because I’ve just received the tests results of my beloved Nell ❤️ from Genomia- genetic laboratory 
I’m happy to inform thet she is clear from genetic diseases and Lafora epilepsy ‼️

LAFORA epilepsy N/N

I National Hunting Dog Show ( CAC ) Białystok - Wasilków 18.08.2018


It was a very hot day but nell did it

⭐️ Nell - intermediate class : ex. V1 CAC 🥇
Judge : A. Mania ( PL ) 

XII International Dog Show CACIB Białystok - Wasilków 19.08.2018


⭐️ Nell - intermediate class : ex. V2 res. CACIB 🥈
Sędzia : P. Bocianowski ( PL )


We have started Polish Championship ‼️

CACIB Wasilków






Dyplom Gamy

National Hunting Dog Show CAC 26.05.2018 Rzeszów

⭐️Nell- junior class : ex. V1/2  Junior Winner 🥇
Judge : M. Musiał ( PL )

 She is New Junior Champion of Poland🎉🎉🎉

International Dog Show  CACIB 27.05.2018 Rzeszów

⭐️Nell - junior class : ex. V2/3 🥈

⭐️Gama - champion class : ex. V1 CAC 🥇


Judge : L. Salomon ( PL )

XXXVIII National Dog Show CAC Iłża o/Radom 20.05.2018

⭐️ Nell - junior class: ex.V1/2 🥇  Junior Winner and  Best Junior 🏆
Judge : Maciej Lipiec (PL)

XXVI International Dog Show CACIB Łódź 

⭐️Nell -  junior class:ex. V3/5 🥉
⭐️ Gama - champion class : ex. V1 🥇 CAC , CACIB and Best Bitch 🏅
Judge : Elisabeth Rhodin ( SE )


II National Hunting Dog Show  Bielsko Biała 03.05.2018 

⭐️Nell - junior class : ex. V2/4 🏅 
Judge : Piotr Król

Bielsko Biała

Internatiomal Dog Show CACIB Warszawa 7-8.04.2018

⭐️Nell - junior class : ex. V2 🏅
⭐️Gama - ex. V1 CAC 🏅
Judge : M. Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (PL)

CACIB Warszawa

II National Dog ShowPruszków (O/Piaseczno), 24÷25-03-201

⭐️Gama - champion class: ex. V1  CAC 

⭐️Nell - junior class: ex. V3/4 


We are having fun in the morning ☃️🐶❄️

National Dog Show Jarosław 10-11.03.2018

⭐️Nell - junior class: ex.V3/4 
⭐️Gama - great come back into the ring for Ch Game Over Królewska Zgraja 

🏆Res.Best in Show Working Dogs🏆and 🏆Best of Breed , Best Bitch 
Judge : Jaroslav Matyas 

Sędzia : Katarzyna Gazda

International Dog Show CACIB Bydgoszcz 3-4.02. 2018

⭐️Nell - first time in the junior class : ex. V1 Junior Winner 🏆 

Judge : Andrzej Kaźmierski (PL)

CACIB Bydgoszcz

3xCACIB Kielce 24-26.11.2017

Nell on the three-day International Dog Show in Kielce in puppy class received 3x very promising and 2x Best Puppy in Breed
Judge: Lars Widén (SE), Zsuzsanna Balogh (HU), Kristina Tar (UKR)

CACIB Kielce



PZŁ Lublin

Spała 07.10.2017 National Dog Show - Hubertus CAC

Nell Very promising v2/III
 Judge Krystyna Opara


Rybnik 30.09.2017 National Dog Show CAC

The first Nell exhibition, puppy class Very Promising and the title Best Puppy in Breed
Judge: Dorota Witkowska
At the finals of BEST PUPPY IN SHOW II
Judge: Andrzej Mania

BIS Rybnik


On March 2nd, our GAME GAME OVER Królewska Zgraja became a mother of five beautiful puppies, 3 males and 2 females
The father of our puppies is imported from Italy beautiful dog Fonteposca's Trip To Your Heart (Daragoj Brave Heart & Brialey Jive Bunny)


Kamionka 21.05.2016

III National Dog Show CAC
Gama:  Excellent, Best Working Dog and CWC certificate

Cacib Kamionka

Kamionka 22.05.2016

CACIB International Dog Show in Rzeszów

Gama takes the place I excellent and titles Best Working Dog, Best Adult Female, CAC, CACIB !!
At the finals of BIS Working Dogs II
Judge: Leszek Salomon

BIS Kamionka


Officially, Gama becomes POLISH CHAMPION !!!


Bydgoszcz 13-14.02.2016

XII Valentine's Dog Show and CAC
VII Night Dog Show CAC
The range in the working class twice occupies the 1st place with an excellent grade and the title of the Best Working Dog (CWC / CAC) 

At the finals of BIS Working Dogs II

Rzeszów 24.05.2015

 VIII International Dog Show CACIB
The GAME OVER Królewska Zgraja  in the working class receives the 1st place and Excellent, the title Best Working Dog and CAC certificates, res.CACIB
Judge: Magdalena Musiał

CACIB Rzeszów


Our GAME OVER Królews officially receives the Working Dog CERTIFICATE!!!


Lublin 19.04.2015

National Dog Show
Another day full of impressions at the 53 National Dog Show in Lublin received the excellent rate V1/ IV CAC and the title Best Bitch..
We have started our Polish Adult Championship !!


Chełm-Kumowa Dolina 18.04.2015

Today at the Regional Tracking Competition, my little GAME OVER Królewska Zgraja took 3rd place (in a competition of 10 dogs!) And received a 1st degree diploma
  She was the only beagle in the competition. She also received a commemorative mug from Emma Chmurka and her great Lady Iwona Mialik. Pride expands us :) Thanks for Mr. Piotr Zając for help in preparing the Gama for the competition and for  Iwona Mialik for faith in us and strong cheering :)




Wrocław 27.09.2014

 XXII International Dog Show CACIB

The range in the junior class receives the V1 / II place Excellent and the title Junior Winner
Judge: Jan Ryk

CACIB Wrocłąw

Sopot 23.08.2014

National Show Beagle / Beagles National Show CAC

We are very proud of the Gama in intermediate class, Excellent, V2 / V
Judge: Małgorzata Lorenc


Łowiska 04.05.2014

II National Dog Show CAC
The range in the junior class receives Excellent, the title of Junior Winner,

Best Junior in Breed and Best of Sex !!


Judge: Katarzyna Gazda 


Lublin 13.04.2014

51 National Dog Show

Our Gama in junior class  I place, excellent  Junior Winner title and Best Junior in Breed

Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki 06.10.2013

 XXVII Autumn Dog Show

Baby class, Very Promising
Judge: Niciewicz Jadwiga


Warszawa 14.09.2013

National Dog Show CAC
The first exhibition Gama  I / IV very promissing
Referee: Umit Ozkanal (TR)


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