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Those who know me, know that the site will be about my horses

⭐️CZEREDA  młp (polish angloarab)

ur. 10.05.1999 - 30.10.2017

F: Karton młp  (Hipokryta młp - Karuza młp / Barak młp )

M: Czeremcha młp (Cekwart młp - Centa młp / Cekwart młp)

Registration no: 2152 GLb

Breeder: S.Wójcik


My greatest love and fulfillment of the greatest dream.
Unfortunately, as a result of an accident, she galloped to the green eternal pastures. I miss her very much.

⭐️CISZA MA  młp (polish angloarab)

ur. 21.11.2008

Klacz hodowlana

F: Jankes'son xx (Freedom's Choice xx - Janina xx / Dipol xx )

M: Czereda młp (Karton młp - Czeremcha młp / Cekwart młp )

Breeder: Monika Aleksandrowicz

Cisza MA

Cisza MA daughter of Czereda and stallion of English blood, Janke's son of the famous Freedom's Choice xx. I hope that next year a foal will be born from her. We chose the Oldenburg young stallion Don Luxury from the Netherlands for the future father, in whose veins the blood of excellent dressage horses flows like Don Deluxe, De Niro, Donnerhall and Weltmeyer.

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