Dogs in our memories have always been since our memory. They were the greatest companions of children's games, buddies for those good and bad days.

The adventure with pedigree dogs began in 1992 when our beautiful Doberman with angelic heart lived in our home. ALEX Ekspresja

whose father was >> Platek's Black Questi << and mother >> FARAH Majstersztyk << and slowly began introducing us to the world of exhibitions and breeding.
A year later another Doberman came to live with us, this time the EUTERPE NIKITA Optimus Amicus bitch after >>CHANIM

CHANAN v Diaspora << and AXA AZA Dziecko Księżyca.


When Alex and Nikita crossed the rainbow bridge, our house remained for a long time without a dog, but it was still thinking that a four-legged friend must appear.
I was always interested in hunting dogs and aroused their admiration for their passion and instinct.
The choice fell on the beagle - on a dog with an angelic appearance, a gentle, strongly stubborn and closed in the world fragrance.And so in June 2013, Gama GAME OVER Królewska Zgraja lived with us.
The range is very intelligent, having its own independent character, curious and eternally hungry as befits a real beagle.

Our Lady :)
She showed us how to work with a hunting dog and together we set the first steps on the trail contest, and it was Gama who revived our small breeding back to life.

gallery/gama mała

From an early age I was interested in cynology and hypology so I knew that my education would go in this direction. I graduated from the Agricultural Academy in Lublin which gave me solid foundations and knowledge in running the breeding of both dogs and horses.
Our kennel is located in Lublin, it is small and intimate, where our dogs live with us at home and accompany them in everyday life as full members of the family.
We do not plan puppies every year because each pregnancy and rearing puppies for a bitch is a very big effort. We must be sure that the future mother is in excellent condition and health. Every litter that appears in us is from thoughtful associations, and parents are examined in terms of genetic diseases.
It is very important for us to provide dogs with the right living conditions, by which we understand responsible and conscious care consisting in administering the highest quality, properly balanced karma, caring, permanent veterinary care as well as ensuring a high dose of outdoor movement.
Breeding in our case is not a paid job but a passion and love.

Everyone who decides to have a puppy from our kennel must know that he also decides to maintain constant contact with us. We are very happy with the photos sent from new homes, every success, we also gladly provide advice in the field of education / health / nutrition, and we will answer for every bothering question.

Our dogs actively participate in organized dog shows of international and national breed, as well as competitions of dogs and shows promoting cynology organized by the Polish Hunting Association (PZŁ)

We are always open to help with abandoned dogs and in addition to beagle in our house lives a beautiful and unique bitch, our Sonia


In addition to dogs, our great love and passion are horses, especially horses from the Malopolska breed.

Often our dogs spend free time with us in the stable, where puppies are able to get used to large animals and not be afraid of them, and traveling to the stable by car allows to eliminate fear of travel in the early stage.


SWING TO HARMONY kennel is registered in the Kennel Club in Poland (ZKwP) branch of Lublin, the only organization in Poland associated in the International Federation of Cynology (FCI - Federation Cynologique International) 

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